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For Love And Tuna Melts

Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts

Everybody needs a place to call home!  Everybody needs a place to call home that is away from home.  Quite frankly, every person we know needs a place that takes them in, surrounds them with warmth and love, and lets them be what they aspire to be.  Everybody needs a place that unleashes their creative energies.

Nearly every Saturday or Sunday for several years we have gone to a favorite restaurant of ours in St. Louis to talk about our research, about love and marriage, and about all of the wonderful couples we have interviewed over the past 25 years for our new book, Golden Anniversaries:  The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage.  Many of our best ideas about our book have been given birth at Fuzio.  In fact, we could argue that our book was birthed at Fuzio!

Truth is, we love Fuzio!  They have great people who work for them, terrific ownership, a wonderful environment, and great food.  And while we go there for all this, we go primarily because some of our best thinking about our work occurs there.  Fuzio is a supportive place where everybody knows your name – where your waiter and your host actually care about you as a person – where the food actually lives up to its hype.  What cool people work at Fuzio!  We love them!

We certainly love their food.  Frankly, we think it energizes us.  In fact, their food may actually possess some secret ingredients that stimulate us on to better thinking and to better writing.  We think it is the Tuna Melt with Field Greens or Greek Salad that makes us clear thinkers.  Sometimes, Liz will swear that it’s the Pad Thai that makes all good things happen.  Charley swears by the Tuna Melt.  In her quiet moments, Liz agrees – it’s the Tuna Melt!  Well, the Pinot Grigio helps as well!  And the company.

Whether it’s the Tuna Melt, the Pinot Grigio, or the Pad Thai, one thing is clear about Fuzio and places like it – everybody needs a place where they can go to unwind and think freely and creatively about things that matter in life, love, and in their work.  For us, it is Fuzio.  And because of all this, we owe them a lot.  We attribute much of our creative energy to them.

For the past 27 years, we have studied successful love, marriage, and relationships around the world.  We have eaten many different and exciting foods, sampled a variety of wines, stayed in interesting places, and met extraordinary people.  But through it all, we always come back to the importance of being around honest and loving people.  Our life’s work has not occurred in isolation from good, decent, and caring people.  And yours has not either.  In love and in life, people need people.  It is hard to imagine life without honest, hard-working, trustworthy, and supportive people around us at every turn.  Life and love do not exist in a vacuum.

So, friends, may you have your Fuzio as we do – a place where you go to meet good people within a supportive environment.  A place where your creative energies burst forth with unique and clever ideas.  A place where your best thinking occurs.  And above all, a place that will take you in when there is no other place to go with your best ideas.  Fuzio is that place for us.

So tonight, we want to thank the Fuzio manager, Terese, and the marvelous folks who have served us the great food that inspires us – Myriah, Beeb, Stacie, Jo, and Grace Marie.  They help make our life joyful.  They help make our life rich.  Good people like these are the ones who make you want to write about love, friends, and relationships.

Love and a Tuna Melt – they go together like wine and cheese.  They go together like a good book and a warm fireplace.  They go together like us and Fuzio.

Go find your Fuzio!

Love well.

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