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Listen to the Interview
America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts

on The Magnify Show
Nationally Syndicated Radio
with Monsignor Tom Synderwine

Listen to hear about:
How you will know you are ready to get married?
What are the three most important things for love?
What can you do to keep your love alive?

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Monsignor Tom Interviews Drs. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

“Here on AM 1400 WJET and from high atop the good ship Magnify, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Monsignor Tom Snyderwine, and you’re on the Magnify beacon.” Local talk radio listeners will recognize the familiar phrase that the articulate, radio-friendly voice of Msgr. Thomas Snyderwine, pastor of St. Luke Parish in Erie, uses to open his long-running show, Magnify.

Msgr. Snyderwine and Deacon Jerry Sobrowski, also of St. Luke Parish, are the team behind this local show, which is also available as a podcast on the Internet. This month, the host and producer duo are celebrating five years of Magnify on the airwaves in its current format.

Originally debuting on the first Sunday of 1991, Msgr. Snyderwine was on the air live every Sunday night from 6 to 7 on WLKK 1400 until Sept. 1998. After a broadcasting sabbatical, Msgr. Tom approached Deacon Jerry about reviving Magnify, only this time in a prerecorded format. “I thought it would be a good ministry for the diaconate,” Deacon Jerry said. The underlying philosophy of the hour-long show is current affairs from a Christian perspective, Msgr. Tom said.

**Source: FaithLife On Line

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