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Love and Marriage Article

Learning About Love From Your Dog

by Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

You can learn a lot about love from a dog. Over the years, we have learned much about the essentials of a loving relationship by observing our dog, Jake.

We are proud to tell you that Jake is truly a Wonder Dog. He is loving, caring, intuitive, intelligent, handsome, and a wonderful friend and companion. Frankly, we love him like a child. And the good news is, he loves us right back! And he loves us unconditionally!

Jake is a mixed breed dog – half Golden Retriever and half Yellow Lab. He is a marvelous dog. He is a beautiful dog. He has been our faithful companion and best friend for nearly 13 years. He is everything you could ever want in a best friend. He tells us by his “words” and his actions that he is delighted to see us, that he missed us, and that he loves us. And when we come home from work he shivers, howls a gurgling sound, and wags his tail uncontrollably.

No matter how bad our day, no matter how stressful our work, and no matter how tired we are, just seeing Jake lifts up our spirits, relaxes us, and makes us feel loved. Isn’t that amazing? How can a dog have that effect upon us? How can our Wonder Dog, Jake, make us forget all of our cares and woes, lift up our spirits so completely, and make us feel so warm and fuzzy?

1. Here’s the first lesson. Our dog loves us unconditionally. He doesn’t love us “If we do something he likes,” “If we feed him his food and water,” “If we let him sleep with us in bed,” “If we comb his fur,” or “If we take him to the Vet.” He just loves us. He loves us unconditionally. People in the human race should learn this simple lesson.

2. Jake never lies to us. He always tells us the truth. When those soft brown eyes look at you, you melt! There is no equivocation in his eyes. He loves us, plain and simple. Just tell the truth! The eyes know love.

3. Jake never bites us. Oh, for sure, he might let out a little growl when you try to move him over so you can get in bed, but that is only a warning that he has found his “cozy place” in bed and you are intruding on his space. But bite? Never in a thousand years. He disagrees with us from time to time, but we are his friends, his family, and his supporters. To bite us is so far from his mind that he could never imagine it. And neither could we.

4. And finally, Jake knows the most important lesson of all—we are his best friends, his family, his trusted associates, and his providers. He can count on us through thick and thin. He can count on us when the chips are down. Jake knows in his heart that we would never let him down, never cheat on him, never hurt him, and never betray him. He loves us unconditionally and we love him just the same.

You can learn a lot about love from a dog. Our Wonder Dog Jake has taught us the loving lessons of life. We are eternally grateful for his love, his trust, and his companionship.

To learn the lessons we have learned from Jake is to have learned the essence of love. Jake has inspired us on to even greater love. We owe the big boy! His example about love is a model we should all follow. Human beings could learn a lot about love from you. Thanks, Jake. We love you unconditionally.

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