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We think you will find these links helpful in understanding the purpose of marriage, the well researched benefits of marriage and other self improvement topics. As we write and discover other important articles and weblinks, we will post them on this page for you. Please let us know at if you have website or article suggestions that we should add to this list.


Weblinks to Love and Marriage Articles by the Doctors

Character in Love And Successful Marriage

Happily Ever After It: Can Happen To You!

How Will I Know I Am In Love?

In The Beginning Great Live Is Best Not Rushed

iPod Love

Lasting Love

Learning About Love From Your Dog

Love And Marriage In Canada

Love And Marriage In France

Love Is Colorblind

Love Is Having To Say You're Sorry

Love Is Like Learning To Dance

Love, Marriage, And Prenuptial Agreements

Make Love Your New Year's Resolution

Nicknames: The Private Code For Love

Parent, Love and Holidays

Physical Love

Reflections On Love And Marriage

Seven Secrets to Avoiding The Seven-Year Itch

Symphony Of Love

The Positive Effects of Marriage: A Book of Charts

There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Toilet Seat Love

Traditional Marriage Is Alive and Well!

We’d Do It All Over Again!

What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

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