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The Marriage Quiz
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What are the chances of you and your spouse -- or spouse-to-be -- being happily married in 50 years? Think you’ll make it? Take “The Marriage Quiz” and see if your relationship measures up with those who have been happily and successfully married for 30 to 77 years.

Answer True or False to each of the 20 questions in The Marriage Quiz.

Couples with a successful marriage...

True or False1. report that marriage is simple to understand and simple to make work.
True or False2. give up their individual identities to form a perfect union with their spouse.
True or False3. have private issues that they do not share with each other.
True or False4. consider their spouse to be their most trusted friend.
True or False5. help their spouse overcome weaknesses by pointing out things that need improvement.
True or False6. give their spouse privacy and time alone.
True or False7. would ignore their spouse’s large weight gain because they understand that personal appearance is not an important part of their relationship.
True or False8. focus on cooking healthy meals together as a sensual and fun activity.
True or False9. would make a major purchase only after joint agreement with their spouse.
True or False10. explain that it is critical to maintain financial independence from each other.
True or False11. report that sexual intimacy is at the heart of their marriage and it forms the foundation for their successful relationship.
True or False12. playfully tease about their spouse’s faults with others.
True or False13. are careful to keep their lives together routine and predictable so their relationship remains stable and sane.
True or False14. find ways of adding surprise, excitement and adventure to their marriage.
True or False15. report that cheating on their spouse would cause irreparable damage to their marriage.
True or False16. have experienced very few stressful situations in their 30 or more years of marriage.
True or False17. grew closer together following tragic events in their lives.
True or False18. find that children only add to the enjoyment of their marriage.
True or False19. enjoy learning about the interests of each other even though their interests are not always the same.
True or False20. cannot imagine life without their spouse.

Marriage Quiz Answers

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