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Salad Recipes for Love and Health provides some delightful salad recipes created by couples with long-time successful marriages who make good health a priority in their lives and in their love for each other. Good health and martial happiness are due in large part to what you eat. Now you too can learn the secret to their special salad recipes.

One of the Seven Surprising Secrets of Successful Marriage is that successfully married couples care about each other’s health; hence, they make a commitment to do the things necessary to insure good health. In our thousands of interviews with happily married couples they talked often about eating generous portions of fruit and vegetables in their diet each day to improve their overall health and to enhance their communication with each other.

The message is a simple one really. What you eat, how much you eat and how you care for the appearance of your body can affect your relationship. So, we decided to share with you some of our favorite salad recipes from the thousands of couples we have interviewed over the past 27 years in our research on successful marriage on six continents of the world.

Bon Appetit and Good Health in Building a Love that Lasts!

Comments people made about Salad Recipes for Love and Health

"This little book got me started with making salads for my husband and me. We already feel better and have more energy." Jamie Allison

"My husband loves these new salads. He is eating more fruit and vegtables than ever before. I hope to have him around for a long time. Thanks so much!" Sandy Thomas

"It is fun to see that eating more fruits and vegtables is part of the recipe for love and health in successful marriage. We have always believed that, but now have your research to back it up. This little book is terrific!" Charlie Crystal

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