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Building a Love the Lasts: The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage

"Building a Love that Lasts offers a warm, candid, and fresh approach to reducing divorce and increasing the success of marriage."

"In addition to exploring the seven key ingredients that define a successful marriage—togetherness, truthfulness, respect, fitness, joint finances, tactile communication, and surprise—the authors have included hundreds of insightful and practical interviews with happy couples of different faiths, ages, and ethnicities from around the globe. Whether just starting out or just starting over, couples from all walks will glean practical resources for cementing their relationship. The book even includes a seven-week conversation program to strengthen anyone’s marriage, salad recipes to improve healthy living, a financial exercise to review a couple’s status and goals, and the top ten benefits of marriage."

"By focusing on what's right about a successful relationship, rather than what's wrong, BUILDING A LOVE THAT LASTS is a positive approach to the small things spouses can do to make marriage work. For couples, counselors, therapists, ministers, and professionals, this book provides hopeful, yet grounded expectations for the future of marriage."

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