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Love and Marriage Article
Nurturing Your Children and Your Marriage

by Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

Kids!  We love them.  We cherish them.  They bring joy to our lives.  When we have children in a marriage, we understand finally, and once and for all, what eternity means.  While we are not immortal, we learn the meaning of everlasting life when we are blessed with children.  They make us feel like we will live through time.  We carry on through them. We know that through them our lives will have meaning beyond our time on this earth.

But our children are also a pain in the butt!  They challenge us.  They taunt us.  They demand much from us.  They argue with us.  They divide us.  They unite us.  They run up one heck of a child-care bill!

On the other hand, most successful marriages with children wouldn’t want it any other way.  They know that without a doubt, their children enrich their lives in innumerable ways.  They value their children immensely.  But be clear regarding this – successfully married couples with children understand the challenges they pose to a blissful and romantic marital relationship.

You thought your marriage was nearly perfect -- And ThenAlong Came Kids.  To quote Nora Ephron in Heartburn: “Having a first child is like throwing a hand grenade into a marriage.”  When you are responsible for the care of your children you will, without a doubt, take on some enormous stresses.

After more than 26 years of research around the world interviewing successfully married couples, one of our principal conclusions is  – the quality of the relationship between husband and wife trumps everything else in a marriage! Get it right and good things follow.  Get it wrong and lots of bad things often happen!

And you know why?  Without a positive, loving, and thriving relationship between mom and dad, children often don't prosper, they are not well-adjusted, they don't do well in school, and they are not as healthy, both physically and mentally. 

Our research over the years suggests that there are a number of useful tips that you can use to not only deal with the enormous stress of caregiving, but also strengthen your marriage at the same time. These tips appear on the surface to be simple, but in love, marriage and raising children the “Simple Things Matter”.

Tips for Moms to Strengthen Your Marriage:

1. Share openly with each other about feelings, emotions and stresses as they relate to caring for your children.  In times of stress the tendency is to keep everything bottled up inside or explode at the slightest disagreement. However, this approach will not work if you want your marriage to survive and thrive.  In successful marriages there are No Sacred Cows.  Simply speaking, happily married couples talk about everything.  All subjects are fair game.  They trust each other.  They rely on each other’s good judgment.  They depend upon each other for truth and straight talk.  They share insights about everything—the good, the bad and the ugly.  They are each other’s best friends.

2.  Make a conscious effort to keep the flame of your love affair alive with each other everyday.  Can you rattle off a list of activities, topics and places you and your spouse include in your personal book of fun and romance?  Have you found what clears your mind and gives you an unobstructed view of your world together? What type of priority do you place on making time for fun and romance with each other in your hectic lives?  If you cannot answer these questions easily, you need to start today by carving out time to have a romantic date with each other, bring home flowers, get a hotel room, go for a long walk together, drink a bottle of wine watching the sunset, write a love note, and snuggle or in bed a little longer in the morning.

3.  Don’t blame each other when things get tough, as casting blame never solved a problem.  The blame game doesn’t work in love and marriage.  It is destructive. There is a natural tendency in tough times to blame the one you love for your collective misfortune, but people in love don’t blame, castigate, or chastise each other in challenging times.  The truth is, there usually is no one to blame for the situation.  Someone has to take care of the children and the job just fell to you.

4.  Don’t wallow in self-pity; it is a wasted emotion.  No problem has ever been solved by feeling sorry for yourself or your situation. Trying to pretend you are the perfect super mom while you are totally overwhelmed, can only result in the wasted emotion of self-pity and even more stress.  Successful couples grab “the bull by the horns” and work for solutions – recognizing that running a household is not easy.  Making a family work is, clearly, difficult even in the best of times and even more challenging when you are the caregiver for your children.

5.  Enhance your love relationship by providing each other occasional time for privacy and aloneness.  The recognition of the absolute need for privacy and aloneness is, in our judgment after analyzing thousands of interviews, critical to successful marriages. The amount of time available to satisfy these two needs varies from one marriage to another and from one marriage partner to another, and can increase during times of stress. We live such hectic lives at work, at home and when raising children that the time to be alone with our own thoughts is paramount to our ability to engage in any meaningful communication with each other. The quality of communication can only be enhanced between the two of you after refreshing your mind and spirit with alone time.  You have to belong to yourself before you can belong to others. Unfortunately, moms spend so much time caring for others that they don’t take the time to realize their own needs.  You can’t take good care of others if you don’t take good care of yourself.

            You brought your children into this world with the greatest of love and now you have to balance all of the stresses they bring to your marriage. Your children won’t be with your forever, so enjoy them while you can.  Believe it or not they grow up oh so quickly.  Cherish those precious moments with your children but remember that — the quality of the relationship between mom and dad trumps everything else.

Simple Things Matter ~ Love well!

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